Mother Nature in her perfection and great diversity plays a leading role during the construction of most objects.  My creativity is also stimulated and many of my ideas are formed while observing color compositions in landscapes, or while studying the details of plants and other things which fascinate because of their structure and compositions.  However, ordinary things and situations can also stimulate creative thoughts through precise observation.

The four elements of earth, fire, water and air along with their individual properties also trigger diverse moods and emotions that reflect in my work through interaction of color and form of the materials.  Symbolically, I view dot art as an expression of the recognition that all things are composed of miniscule parts like cells or molecules.  Applying dot painting in this manner, the work could be compared, for example, to a living plant.  Although limited in shape and color by its DNA, the plant grows slowly cell by cell and attains its own unique appearance and character through the on-going process, and is guided by the unpredictable influence of the elements. 

The use of MDF-wood panels with their fine-grained surfaces and short fiber lengths, allows me to reproduce nature-like shapes true to scale.  The connection between naturally-grown types of wood and roots, highlights not only the contrast but also the commonality and creative variety between artificial and natural and reflects an artificially-created nature.  From another perspective, artificial nature becomes natural art.  The use of mirrors is symbolic of this reversal.  The viewer should become cognizant of his natural self by looking at himself in our mainly artificially created world.